A Gift From Donna

Missouri Primrose

Last of the Season

Bird of Paradise

Illuminated Roses

Lily of the Valley # 2

Red Tulips

Purple Velvet Iris

Ruffled Pink Rose

Red Primrose

Old Fashioned Iris

Yellow Daffodils

Spring Bouquet

Lily of the Valley # 1


Single Pink Rose

Backlite Roses with Scarlet Border

Blue Bells

Prairie Brown Eyes

Small Yellow Iris

Coral Rose

Octorber Geraniums

Dutch Iris

Scarlet Roses

Blue Columbine

Yellow Iris


Tall Red Beauty

Ruffled Yellow Roses edged in Coral

Small Violet Iris

Purple Rimmed Iris

Single Yellow Rose no. 1

Single Yellow Rose no. 2

Sunkissed Iris

Single Red Rose


Friendship Rose

Tall Blue Iris